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Automatic Packing Machinery quotation

BeitragVerfasst: Montag 22. Oktober 2018, 10:41
von yunduan
Shenzhen Huayatai Packing Machinery Equipment CO.,Ltd .We’re a professional research and development of packaging machinery manufacturers. The main products are: constant temperature shrink machine, vacuum packaging machine inflatable cuff style entire column packing machine, sealing shrink combo, strapping machine, sealing machine, winding machine, granule, liquid packaging machines and other products, we can be based on the actual requirements of the customer tailored to a variety of performance, size models.
Since 2006 HYT packaging with their own strong technical force, rich manufacturing experience, strict quality control, improve sales service and strong professionalism, to make products known at home and abroad.
We are looking for globle distributor and agent with OEM ODM service. It’s our pleasure to find a way to cooperate with you.If you wanna know more detail about us please feel free to ask and welcome to visit us.Automatic Packing Machinery quotation

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Verfasst: Montag 22. Oktober 2018, 10:41

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