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Hier könnt ihr euch Vorstellen. Ob mit Adresse oder ohne, mit Namen oder ohne ist völlig egal. Es wäre nur schön zu wissen mit wen man da schreibt! ZB. Erfahrungen, Situation vieleicht auch Hobbys. Lasst euch was einfallen...
Gerne könnt ihr euer können auch hier Vorstellen um vieleicht anderen bei besonderen Fällen zu helfen, damit man schnell einen Bezug hat!
Hier sollen sich nur Menschen Vorstellen die entweder Opfer der Strahlenfolter, oder artverwand sind, wie auch Menschen die sich gerne mit für uns Opfer einsetzen möchten.

combination outlet

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Our History
Our company is concentrate on the research and development for apparel industry's Artistic spatial arrangement. To the whole factory's planning programming and layout we put forward the perfect request, integrated the international advanced technology and ideas like safety, energy conservation, environmental protection, whole factory optimization design, artistic and so on. In the lighting power-supply realm: Damir has achieved”with high proficiency, be equal to anything”, easy making the security and environmental protection electrical environment for the equipment.
Our Product
Busbar, light busbar, power busbar, main busbar, cutting busbar, auxiliary facilities and so on.
Product Application
The products developed by Damir like lighting power busbar, cutting busbar, trunking, main power busbar, auxiliary facilities of garment working shop are hot sale in domestic and overseas, that encourage us to creating more possible.
Our Certificate
ISO9001 certificate of quality system, 3C, CE certifications.

Production Market
Establish the market in Egypt, Indian, Vietnam, Turkey, Ethiopia, Rwanda, and hot sale in these markets.
Our Service
Scientific production line layout planning not only affect the enterprise production efficiency, and reduce production cost and reduce the material cost, increase the production of flexible, enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise has a close relationship. Therefore, research on the production line layout planning and design of not only has important theoretical significance but also has practical application value.
Office work form of the space, is committed to ensuring that quality can support everyone's work activities, encourage everyone's self-expression, and creative director, the superior work space design will be very valuable to this aspect, not only just placement office furniture so simple
Human body engineering, enabled us to better grasp the size of human body, and in the use of office space, make better use of our human body engineering for the design of office space. To the introduction of the human body engineering in the design of office space, provides office space design is more scientific and rational design basis, both the objective is to improve the quality of people's work.combination outlet
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